Commentary: Suppressed Archaeology (Part Six)

B.C. North American Archaeology

Given 12-Dec-15; 14 minutes

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Martin Collins continues his expose of the deliberate and shameless suppression of pre-Columbian archaeology on the part of some members of the scientific community in order to preserve a pre-conceived 'party-line' narrative that Columbus was the first representative of the Old World on what would become the American continents. Smug 'gatekeepers' of modern academia resorted to elaborate extremes to maintain their despicable state of denial. Sadly, the truly exciting history of America's pre-Columbian past has been withheld for hundreds of years. Fire-tempered pottery dating from 2500 BC has been discovered in Florida and Georgia. Spent copper mines in Michigan indicate a vast extraction of copper ore around 2000 BC. Nordic navigators arrived at what became Ontario in 1700 BC, bartering textiles for copper ingots. In 1500 BC, Celtic, Egyptian, and Iberian travelers established contact with the Algonquin peoples, significantly influencing their vocabulary. 1000 BC Celtic travelers following the Trade winds arrived in the West Indies, from where they migrated northward to "Largalon" (the land beyond the sunset, the region which would be later named New England.) This settlement still existed during the reign of Julius Caesar in about 49BC. At the same time Phoenician and Basque settlers established communities in what later became Pennsylvania and further south, while Libyan mariners explored what would later become Iowa, all leaving written documents behind them as evidence of their presence, influencing the spoken language of Algonquin. In 800 BC, a commemorative stone called a stele (inscribed in Egyptian, Iberian, and Libyan) was left in what would later be known as Davenport, Iowa, dedicated to the celebration of Osiris, providing instructions for calculating the spring equinox. Artifacts of Semitic culture have been found in New Hampshire, dating from be



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