Commentary: Forgers of Lies

Medical vs. Vitamin Deaths

Given 28-Apr-18; 12 minutes

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The greatest epidemic of the 21st century may be the use of drugs—not the plague of illicit drugs, but prescription drugs, offered to a gullible public by a pharmaceutical industry more interested in profits than in individuals' health and well-being. Investigative reporter John Rappoport, citing a study conducted by the late Dr. Barbara Starfield, notes the deaths caused by prescription drugs now exceed those caused by automobile accidents and have, over the years, come to exceed casualty-of-war statistics. In addition, pharmaceutical companies push vaccines that have never been properly tested onto a fearful public. The Center for Disease Control admits that the average drug may contain up to 70 side effects, with some having more than 500 negative reactions. The Bible does not condemn physicians, but it pulls no punches on worthless physicians who misdiagnose (Job 13:1-5). The mortality rates stemming from the misuse and abuse of prescription drug certainly indicate that mis-informed physicians are still with us. God's called-out ones must exercise discernment when considering health care alternatives which heal rather than poison. God has given us the herb for food and healing (Genesis 1:29 and Revelation 22:2).



The greatest 21st-century epidemic may be death by drugs. As with every American crisis today, the bribed leaders have targeted the wrong enemy in its "war on drugs." While illicit drug use is a tragedy, pharmaceutical drugs are legally handed out like candy, killing hundreds of thousands of men, women and children every year. If you have watched any TV at all, you've seen how often they are advertising every drug imaginable. That is actually what is paying for our programming today. There is just so much of that in the news and during the programs.

Jon Rappoport, who was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. On March 13, 2018, he posted an article titled: "Shocker: Comparing Deaths from Medical Treatment, Vitamins, All U.S. Wars." Mr. Rappoport writes,

People want to believe medical science gives us, at any given moment, the best of all possible worlds.

And of course, the best of all possible worlds must have its enemies: the quacks who sell unproven snake oil.

So, let’s look at some facts.

As I’ve been documenting for years, the medical cartel has been engaged in massive criminal fraud, presenting their drugs as safe and effective across the board—when, in fact, these drugs have been killing and maiming huge numbers of people, like clockwork.

I’ve cited the groundbreaking review, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”, by Dr. Barbara Starfield (Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000), in which Starfield reveals the American medical system kills 225,000 people per year—106,000 as a direct result of pharmaceutical drugs.

I’ve now found another study, published in the same Journal, two years earlier: April 15, 1998; “Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients.” It, too, is mind-boggling.

The authors, led by Jason Lazarou, culled 39 previous studies on patients in hospitals.

These patients, who received drugs in hospitals, or were admitted to hospitals because they were suffering from the drugs doctors had given them, met the following fate:

  • Every year, in the US, between 76,000 and 137,000 hospitalized patients die as a direct result of the drugs.
  • Beyond that, every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience serious adverse reactions to the drugs.

The authors write: “…Our study on ADRs [Adverse Drug Reactions], which excludes medication errors, had a different objective: to show that there are a large number of ADRs even when the drugs are properly prescribed and administered.”

So we are not safe, even if a doctor has prescribed, specifically for your case, a specific drug.

So, this study had nothing to do with doctor errors, nurse errors, or improper combining of drugs. And it only counted people killed who were admitted to hospitals. It didn’t begin to tally all the people taking pharmaceuticals who died as consequence of the drugs, without being admitted to hospitals.

I found the link to this study at the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, in the middle of a very interesting article by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki: “Commentary on the Safety of Vitamins.”

Here are two key quotes from her article:

“In 2010, not one single person [in the US] died as a result of taking vitamins (Bronstein, et al, (2011) Clinical Toxical, 49 (10), 910-941).”

“In 2004, the deaths of 3 people [in the US] were attributed to the intake of vitamins. Of these, 2 persons were said to have died as a result of megadoses of vitamins D and E, and one person as a result of an overdose of iron and fluoride. [So, those are the only cases even attributed to vitamins or supplements.] Data from: ‘Toxic Exposure Surveillance System 2004, Annual Report, Am. Assoc. of Poison Control Centers.’”

If we go back about 60 years, there have only been about a dozen claims of vitamin-related deaths, all of which provided no substantial evidence to link vitamins to the cause of those death.

A statistical analysis found that pharmaceutical drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the US. For example, in 2009, drugs exceeded the amount of traffic-related deaths, killing at least 37,485 people nationwide.

The findings go against the claims of mainstream medical ‘experts’ and mainstream media outlets who often push the idea that multivitamins are detrimental to your health, and that prescription drugs are the only science-backed option to improving your health.

While essential nutrients like vitamin D are continually being shown to dramatically reduce your risk of disease such as diabetes and cancer, prescription pharmaceuticals are continually being linked to such conditions (as I mentioned there, diabetes and cancer).

In the Wikipedia entry, “US military casualties of war,” as of 2017, the grand total of all military deaths in the history of this country, starting with the Revolutionary War, is 1,354,664+.

In any given 10 years of modern medical treatment? 2,250,000 deaths (according to Starfield)—more than all the wars since the Revolutionary War. That looks like murder to me.

Consider how much suppression of truth, as we heard earlier in the sermonette, is necessary to keep that many medical deaths hidden from the public. And even more appalling is that none of the studies cited above examine the destruction brought about by vaccines. They were not included in any of those studies.

Not one vaccine has ever been tested according to the scientific gold standard, that of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The myriad combinations in which vaccines are administered have never been tested, either.

An infant at a “catch up” appointment (meaning they missed a “well-baby” appointment) at which vaccines would have been administered can receive up to 13 vaccines containing 13 different diseases, at once, injected via 8 separate needles. That is the equivalent of taking up to 13 medications at once whose interactions have never been properly studied. That is what they are doing to the children.

To make matters even wose, the number 13 does not include the many other ingredients that accompany and worsen the effects of being injected with 13 diseases, such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, anti-freeze, phenol, MSG, polysorbate 80, Triton X-100 detergent, food proteins, animal viruses and retroviruses, fetal tissue from aborted human babies, and more.

The number 13 also does not include ingredients that are not required to be listed on the label, but which are permitted under the cover of “trade secrets,” meaning they can put whatever they want in there and not have to tell you.

Ask yourself, would you want your baby contracting multiple illnesses—up to 13—at one time, while also being poisoned at the same time? This is what the CDC’s recommended schedule requires.

The average drug label contains 70 side effects, though many popular pharmaceuticals have been found to contain 100 to 125. Some drugs, prescribed by doctors to supposedly improve your health, come with over 525 negative reactions.

You will have to decide for yourself whether you and your children should avoid pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. I encourage you to thoroughly research this subject before taking such things. Your life literally depends on it.

Job 13:1-5 Behold, my eye has seen all this, my ear has heard and understood it. What you know, I also know; I am not inferior to you. But I would speak to the Almighty, and I desire to reason with God. But you forgers of lies, you are all worthless physicians. Oh, that you would be silent, and it would be your wisdom!

Before Job turns to God in lament, Job argues that his friends have both misdiagnosed him (he calls his friends “worthless physicians”) and misrepresented God. The misdiagnosis by doctors and pharmaceutical companies very often results from their rejection of the Creator God who designed and made human beings. Why should they listen to what He has to say? He is only the Designer and the Creator. That is how much they hate the One who designed them.

I am not saying that all reliance on doctors is wrong. We know that in Colossians 4:14, the apostle Paul wrote that Luke, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus and author of the Gospel of Luke, is "the beloved physician," as Paul puts it. What I am saying is that the solution to your health problems is not found in the use of pharmaceuticals drugs.

There is overwhelming evidence that you live a far healthier life by utilizing high quality organic alternatives like whole food-based multivitamins and green superfoods, which have been proven to improve your health WITHOUT harsh side effects and an exponentially increase in the risk of death.