Commentary: What's in the Bucket? (Part Five)


Given 06-Jul-19; 14 minutes

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Gullible Western society habitually accepts Satanic concepts proffered by progressive liberal forces without scientific proof. At the same time, the West has totally abandoned seeking God. Satan has deceived Jacob's descendants to accept as 'self-evident' the notion of transgenderism and the myth that guns (rather than people) kill. The elitist media has duped a large number of people to believe that only 'progressives' have compassion for women and children, hiding the fact that Planned Parenthood has murdered millions of infants in order to harvest body parts. This same media preaches the false gospel that "bigger government is better government." Sadly, because the populace at large refuses to obey God, it perhaps will suffer horribly when an emerging totalitarian government will feel compelled to use brute force in order to bring order out of the chaos which inexorably results from anarchical lawlessness.



I've decided that the almost surreal concepts that people in the United States of America are accepting for at least some measure of guidance as foundations of their beliefs, conduct and conversations, without a shred off scientific proof, continue to amaze me.

One has to wonder how this came to be in modern, educated America. I think the basic reasons are because seeking God has been virtually abandoned, family life is disintegrating, and the overwhelming majority of our young people have been accepting multiple delusions not backed by God or even mankind's corrupt uses of science (that is not really science).

In a previous commentary on this subject, I gave you a definition of the term "delusion," because I believe many in the nation are imposing pressures on the rest of us because they are acting on their delusions. A delusion is a false belief, but worse than that, my Oxford Word Finder Dictionary states it is a mental illness. Acting on a delusion is a mental illness. Delusions are usually held in regard to oneself, but far more culturally damaging is when they are held in respect to things or activities regarding some concept within a culture.

We have heard of some people having delusions of grandeur about themselves, thinking they are far more important than is the reality. Who knows? It may have been a delusion of grandeur, burning within Satan's mind, that ignited his burning desire to dethrone God. A delusion is a false idea about oneself or a particular circumstance about the group one runs with or against.

The Amplified Bible has this incisive, marginal comment in Ezekiel 28 regarding Satan:

This speech [meaning, the content of Ezekiel 28], though not addressed to Satan in and of himself, seems to be ironically spoken against his evil genius, fulfilling itself in and through the human ruler who appropriates to himself the honors due only to God.

I think that they hit the nail right on the head there.

In the previous commentary, I touched on the acceptance of Bruce Jenner as a woman based upon the "realities" that the clothing that he wears is feminine; he has decided to act like a female because he says he feels like a woman, despite the reality that every real scientific piece of evidence reveals his gender is still male. He still a dude. Every cell in his body contains the original DNA proof that he is male. The delusion is he's denying that. That's what I mean when they throw out even science where science happens to be right. The problem is that others in the culture believe him rather than the science.

A commentary or so before that, I gave you factually reported truths that the state of Connecticut allowed, by means of the use of state rules for athletic contest, boys who claim that they were literally girls to race against the girls, all running for state championships in dash competitions. And, of course, they beat the girls rather handily. Well, since that time, the girls have filed lawsuits, claiming that is unfair competition. But it was accepted when it occurred, apparently without complaint from those observing. How many people there just went—these were state championships. How many people there just went along with what was going on there?

What do you mean "unfair" when feminists are striving to be accepted as every man is, even in that kind of athletic contest. Just throw the gender out. When the boys' racing times against the girls' was matched against the boys-only races, one boy place would have placed third in a boys' race. One would think the boys who raced against the girls would have been ashamed to claim that they won, because girls are really at a disadvantage in something like that. This doesn't involve brainpower; this is leg power. But the fact that the races were held gives a pretty good indication of the thinking of many in authority. Now, if state officials are thinking this way in one state, you wonder how the rest of the states are getting along.

Here is yet another delusion that has gotten a great deal of publicity because it's been made into a gigantic political issue, because far too many people aren't thinking logically or realistically. It is demanded by people in the Democratic Party that changes in gun laws will halt gun violence. Senator Dianne Feinstein makes a great deal of noise regarding this. When was the most recent time you ever heard of a gun killing somebody?

This delusion hinges on the obviously false idea that people who routinely break laws involving guns will somehow magically abide by the law when other people want them to. And so they make the change. People who routinely use guns will not suddenly stop using guns because a law has changed. So now we have a "gun-free zones" that have come into existence. But police report that people are still carrying guns into those areas, despite the warning signs.

Now here is a fact: The mere existence of laws does not change people's motivations to break laws. The Democratic Party needs to ask God whether the existence of laws changes people. It's a change of heart and spirit that changes people, not a law about a gun.

Here is a delusion that is hammered at by the "fake news" gang. They greatly desire that you operate under the delusion that only progressives—that's the liberal left—have compassion, especially for women and children. All the while, they are supporting Planned Parenthood in the act of murdering living human beings, and at the same time harvesting parts of many of those babies' organs as they make money for somebody else. You think people aren't acting on delusions? We're going nuts, brethren.

When abortionists cut off the head of a living baby, it's called "scientific research." Brethren. That practice is virtually totally funded by progressives who have convinced themselves that the murder of fully developed living babies is a woman's health right. That's a delusion. Since when, brethren, is murdering a baby right?

Another delusion is that it is demanded virtually every day that you embrace illegal immigration as a compassionate act, while at the same time doing all you can do to oppose national border security. You must welcome all illegals and grant them legal immunity in your sanctuary cities—California's claiming they are a sanctuary state—even as illegals commit mass murders, rapes, robberies and looting, and you are called upon to dismiss the truth that illegal, uninsured drivers cause hundreds of accidents—you just dismiss it—every single day, especially across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, injuring and killing even real citizens.

One more thing. All the noise raised to prevent voter identification here in America is in reality all about making sure as many illegal aliens as possible can vote.

Here's one more delusion many in this nation are operating under. You are being pressure by the left wing media with the idea that all of society's problems would go away if the government got bigger. Bernie Sanders and others are spearheads in this blasphemy. That promotes mass confusion. The problems would go away if citizens controlled themselves in alignment with truth.

Here is a simple historical reality: If we do not do this—that is, if we do not start operating according to truths—if we do not do this, the government we already have will be forced to compel the citizenry to do what it wants the citizenry to do in order to restore a measure of peace.