Commentary: What's in the Bucket? (Part One)


Given 23-Mar-19; 13 minutes

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As a confederacy of corporate interests and secular educators gradually gained control, state and local control of education withered. In 1962, when the Supreme Court banished prayer from the public schools, the progressive architects of education won a major victory. Those who entered the public schools before 1940 (in which school prayer and reading from the Bible was commonplace across the country) would share very little culturally with those who entered the public-school system after the war. The last three generations have had their minds poisoned, such that they unquestioningly embrace socialism and deviant lifestyles (taught even in the primary grades) as the norm. Today, secularists have a stranglehold on American public schools, keeping God and traditional morality out of the picture. This situation leaves the young with no moral guidance.



This commentary is tied to the theme of the three previous commentaries I gave regarding the Public School Educational program of the United States government. Those commentaries ended with the disclosure that the real source was a cooperative effort between American manufacturing interests and liberal, humanistic educators. The manufacturing interests were primarily interested in children being prepared to work in their factories when they became adults, so they wanted them prepared to be able to add and subtract and so forth. The educators, seeing what was evolving in Europe, wanted in America to become more "modern" by moving instruction toward subjects more scientific. That the organizers were big names and admired by people in their fields, there is no doubt. There is no doubt that overall, the largest number of the planners wanted America's elementary education to be more structured and more uniform nationwide.

They were somewhat blocked regarding that unity issue, because the United States itself is so large geographically and because the United States also contained so many states. Each state had greater influence over local education than the federal government. Now that is logical and right, because each state's needs were, even to this day, somewhat different. It was more urgent that the local needs be met. But as we have witnessed, very gradually the federal government's influence rose while the state's influence declined. It wasn't something real noticeable—nothing sharp—but it was occurring.

The religious element among the planners—if there even was one—appears to have been overmatched in virtually every discussion regarding content in the classrooms. There is no doubt in my mind that Satan and his gang of destroyers had weighty influence over the thinking of these people. You might think, "Well, this happened just a decade or so." No, this happened as the Civil War had just ended. The nineteenth century was ending with it, and the twentieth century was just about to begin. That's one hundred nineteen years or so ago.

Gradually, over that period of time, God and morality were banished as unnecessary and as impediments to a good education. The final death knell was in 1962 or 1963, when the Supreme Court kicked God out of the school systems.

Looking back on it, from my point of view at this time, the last three generations have been devastating to this nation's morality. The generation of adult Americans who fought in World War II is called the "Greatest Generation" by people who write for public conception. Just think of when that was—that was in the 1940s that those people lived and they protected, as they were, the United States. That generation is also the last American generation that received the bulk of their education before the humanist and secularist generation even began to be educated in America and began taking their positions socially, governmentally, educationally and religiously in the American culture.

When those who won the battles in the Second World War came home, the cultural standards in America began to change almost immediately. It was not these war heroes who were changing it. It was others outside of them. The 1950s is generally considered by people (who research into and write about cultural things) the last "normal"—whatever that means—American decade. The 1950s. So you see, that's already 60 years ago when we had what these people call a "normal" period of time.

I began elementary school in September, 1938, in a farming area just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I graduated from high school in early June of 1950. There were about twenty five of us in attendance on my first day of school. As I was thinking about this topic, I found that when I graduated twelve years later, I had gone through all twelve years with about ten of those other children. I do not know whether that would ever happen today.

Local school boards had some liberties regarding procedures, so I can't guarantee that everybody's first day of school, even in Pennsylvania, was exactly the same as my first day. We began the first full school day by rising from our seats, saying "The Lord's Prayer" together, and while still standing, we pledged allegiance and saluted the flag. Saluting the flag lasted until well into my high school years. I can't remember how long the prayer continued, but I do remember that the teachers sometimes (instead of us praying) read a half dozen or so verses from the Bible as we began the school days. This was a public school, not a parochial school. This was a public school, and this was 1938.

That's the year that Judy Garland starred in The Wizard of Oz movie. The Great Depression was continuing on, and unemployment, men, was around twenty percent. Adolf Hitler was gaining power in Europe, and Germany's invasion of Poland, which began World War II, was almost exactly one year away. That was an eventful year, and it tipped the scales right in to World War II. It hasn't been the same since. Ever.

Things have really changed regarding public education and any God and morality connection. They're gone in the public schools. The combination of humanists and leftists, joining their respective causes, have just about given victory to them. Persecutions against those claiming Christianity are frequent.

In the days before citywide water systems, almost everybody had a well. A popular saying arose that was used to briefly encapsulate a sordid story. It was, "What's in the well comes up in the bucket." Though we did see what was going on, we can't hide from the fruits of what the public school system has produced.

A recent nationwide news report now reveals that Generation Z—are you familiar with that term? Generation Z has joined with the Millennials, showing the fruits of the teaching received in government schools. They, too—that is, Generation Z—are more likely to embrace socialistic policies and principles than past generations. Show me where socialism is in the Bible. You get rid of God and the governments begin to change.

A survey—maybe you want to plug your ears here—of middle schools now shows that they have educational programs for kids twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old, that have subjects such as oral sex, sexual fantasy, masturbation, touching each other's genitals, and vaginal intercourse all equal to saying, "I like you." This is in school for kids.

This is, of course, only a narrow slice of reporting on one sin, and what is causing it is that humanists and secularists (if you prefer that term), have a stranglehold on American education, and they have managed to frighten off just about all resistance to their efforts to kick God out and keep Him out. What they have managed to do is to convince a large number of people that sin doesn't matter, or that even if it does matter to some extent, damage can be lived with because "it is not all that bad, because there are no lasting effects." Boy, is that shortsighted.

So with the nullification of the Bible as being the fixed, national standard of personal and national righteousness, and with the churches not helping, but hindering by teaching that God's laws are done away, huge numbers of the citizenry of the United States of America are left without the guides they and their children badly need.