Commentary: What's in the Bucket? (Part Three)


Given 01-Jun-19; 13 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the pandemic of mendacious news from elite media outlets, suggests that believing any of it is like dipping a bucket into a contaminated well. Commentator Mark Levin, in his latest book Unfreedom of the Press, maintains that the entire print and electronic journalism industry is has grown so corrupt that a free press consistently generating unbiased information is nonexistent today. The so-called fair and balanced press corps is an organ of the Democrat Party. Recently, Whistleblower Magazine flagged 15 well-advertised articles that later proved to be hoaxes. Because of the massive dishonesty of the press, the American public has become both deluded and confused. Satan, by influencing both conservative and liberal thinkers, has promoted the lie that the American Founders established a Christian nation in spite of the fact that none of them kept God's Seventh Day Sabbath. The lying media has persuaded the gullible public that Bruce Jenner's doctors turned him into a bona fide woman. Satan's media transforms evil into good and good into evil. The elected politicians who refuse to dispel the myths promulgated by the media demonstrate their complicity in the deception.



This is another in my "the answer is in the bucket" series. I realize that virtually every time I get up to give a commentary, it's going to be bad news and probably to a high degree. This is because on the surface, the news simply is not hopeful for a Christian point of view. The only truly hopeful news is that God is still on His throne. It is because He is, and is therefore exercising His purposes, that things are not worse than they already are. God is indeed organizing events to occur in the order that He determines and at His rate of speed. Therefore, the events are actually under firm control, and we should take our hope from that. But to those of us on the surface of what is taking place, it's almost all negative in its progression.

Well, this is the third time, actually, that I've used the term "bucket" in the title, but I think I remembered getting the phrase now from a Western movie that I watched many years ago. The entire phrase is that "the answer is in the bucket." It's similar in meaning to "the proof of the pudding is in the eating," and "you shall know them by their fruits." The term "bucket" is associated with drawing water by a bucket from a dug well. Back there in those times, travelers, not knowing whether water drawn from such a well was safe to drink, were saying, "We will have to wait until we get our answer when we have drawn water from the well in this bucket."

My original use in this series of commentaries was intended to ask the question of whether we can expect anything good to come from what we are hearing in the news. On Thursday, I heard an author named [Mark] Levin speak of a work—an exposé—that he did on today's news industry [Unfreedom of the Press]. It is primarily about the state of the "free press," and he said that the entire system is absolutely corrupted. Levin stated that there is no such thing as a free press, that there is no such thing as consistency in searching for truth by reporters. He is saying that not everybody is crooked. He is saying there should be a standard that we can uphold what we hear from them.

I do not know whether you are aware of it, but newspapers are going out of business. They're crashing all over the United States because people simply aren't using them anymore the way they did previously. Part of the reason they aren't using them is they are too slow, and they are not as honest as they used to be.

Levin also made to me a startling statement (in such a public place as a radio broadcast in which he was being interviewed), that the so-called "free press" is really nothing but a wing of the Democratic Party. He stated that "fake news" is indeed almost an everyday reality because of these drives within the process.

Incidentally, backing him up is Whistleblower Magazine. I do not know if you're familiar with it at all, but it is published nationally by WorldNetDaily (WND). Their last two issues featured one issue in which they exposed 15 well-advertised and widely-written about nationally known news items that were out-and-out hoaxes. Well, they exposed them.

The pressure caused by this mixture of confusion, largely caused by the dishonesty within the publishing industry, is having a considerable effect on the public. The American public is gradually becoming delusional. Do you know what a delusion is? A delusion is merely or simply a misbelief. A person can believe—hold the delusion—he's 85 years old but he thinks in his mind that he is 25. That man has a delusion, and he is delusional. A person who is delusional is one who doesn't know what to believe, and this often happens because one has no proof, or insufficient truth, to decide what is true or not.

Americans are growing accustomed to the fact that they can't believe their newspapers. A person in that situation is in a state of confusion. We need to have a trustworthy source now. The confusion may be mild, but it nonetheless exists. It is so powerful that Satan has deceived the whole world. He has deluded the whole world by means of lies about God. The whole world is in a state of delusion about God. But the truth about God's existence and much of His purpose exists. But in this case, God has already judged, and He—the greatest and most merciful of all judges—has concluded in Romans 1 that mankind is without excuse for being deluded in this regard, because His truth is out there. He hasn't hidden it. But unfortunately, newspapers and magazines do not do that. The result is that the delusion remains. Americans are largely in a broad-ranging delusional state because of the confusion being broadcast in the news.

Brethren, mark this well in your mind, this condition has been planned and programmed, and operated by human and demonic archenemies of the United States and other Israelitish people. The rest of the world wants to get rid of Israel.

Here is an example of a misbelief held by many well-meaning people here in the United States. But what they sincerely hold as a truth is a delusion. Evangelical-types believe that America was founded as a Christian nation. It was not. It indeed was founded by well-intentioned men of very strong character. They were men who had a great deal more biblical truth in their minds and much truth regarding the history of past nations concerning government [than people today]. And they quoted directly from the Bible in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. But they were not Christians. To the best of my knowledge, not one of the Founders even kept the Saturday Sabbath. They kept a Sabbath, but it was Sunday. You know what Matthew 5:23 says—the law is not done away. Spiritually, the Founders were products of the Protestant Reformation, and those Protestant churches were not parts of God's badly divided true church and keeping the commandments of the New Covenant. That's a delusion people have.

Here is a news item that you are well aware of. It was just a few years ago, but it was strongly forced on us that we, the public, must agree that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. This is really weird. But it was sold to the public, even though she was born a man and named Bruce Jenner, and competed successfully in the Olympics as a man, and to this day carries the DNA of a man in every cell of his body! People bought this delusion. Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman. He is still a dude pretending to be a woman. Caitlyn actually won a "Woman of the Year" award, which shows how widespread this delusion is, which must be a major height of stupidity and mass insanity in this culture that has gone off the deep end.

Are the leaders of this movement telling us they could not find a single woman in America who was better than Bruce Jenner impersonating a woman? I mean it when I say the wheels are coming off this nation, and why something like this has been planned and is being operated to bring this nation down.

From this planted seed, we now have many hundreds of men claiming they are women, and hundreds of women claiming they are men, and men, claiming they feel they are a woman, entering athletic contests originally intended only for women and winning over the ladies. I wonder how triumphant that makes the men feel and how defeated the girls feel?

I believe that we are living in a culture that has lost its wheels to a significant number of mentally ill people who believe delusions such as what I have just described. Where is the leadership who must be allowing things like this? Well, they are, by doing nothing, supporting these delusions, so they must somewhat believe in them, too.