Biblestudy: Childrearing (Part Six)

Necessary Discipline

Given 16-Jan-88; 80 minutes

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Each Christian continually carries the instrument of his death, namely the carnal mind with its learned and reinforced habits. If we, as Christian parents, could shape and mold the minds of our children early, we could inoculate them against making the same mistakes that we did. The rod of correction or discipline is a necessary part of life saving habit formation. A child's future liberty is dependent upon growth in knowledge, stability, discernment, self-responsibility and renunciation of the horrible bondage of foolish immaturity. If we as parents indulgently reinforce rebellious behavior in our children, we set our hearts on their future destruction. Child rearing requires a great deal of effort with no quick fixes. Punishment or discipline to be effective must be:(1) immediate, (2) fair, (3) inflict hurt or pain, preventing an infinitely worse consequence and (4) consistent.



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