Sermon: Confronting the Field of Battle

Take the Fight to the Enemy

Given 28-Sep-19; 74 minutes

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We are in deadly, mortal battle with evil satanic principalities, which means we need to put on the entire armor of God, not just the defensive parts of the armor, but the offensive also, proactively rather than reactively assuming out part in the spiritual battle. While we know that we are unequal to the battle with our own puny carnal strength, we also know that the "letting Jesus do it entirely for us" approach espoused by Protestantism is patently unbiblical. Both secular and religious people today do not take Satan's evil power seriously, preferring to join Quixote-like Social Justice causes such as climate change, equality, and tolerance for outlandish perversion. The values of this culture are controlled by Satan and enforced by the nefarious Deep State. As Paul warned us, we do not battle men and women, but the demonic forces in the heavenly realms working through these deceived educational and political agents, mind-controlled by Satan, who want to dilute the clear plain truth of God into muddy gray areas. If our focus is on Christ, we move out of the weeds of half-truths, gray areas, and corruption, into the marvelous light of truth and righteousness. As we put on the spiritual armor, we realize that we cannot passively "let God do it for us," but we also cannot go to the other extreme of thinking we can wield those spiritual weapons by our own puny strength without the power of God. We are called to a full-fledged battle to battle, wrestle, and struggle against our own carnal nature, the pulls of the world, and Satan's influence. The Scriptures warn us that life is not going to be easy and we are required to be an active part of the conquering, relying on the power of God, equipped with the mind of Christ, who has already conquered Satan and has overcome the world.



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