Sermon: Don't Be Indifferent


Given 30-Sep-19; 77 minutes

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God's Word contains more about the Feast of Trumpets than all the other Holy Days combined. Functioning both as a memorial of some historical occurrence as well as a prophecy of a future event, the Feast of Trumpets describes an axial period, a pivot point in history, as was the fall of Babylon, which ushered in a rapid succession of world empires changing the political and cultural configuration of the world. Now, we are approaching another pivot point, the collapse of modern Israel, described by the major and minor prophets, and the coming of the Day of the Lord, a time God cautions us not to desire. The frightful Trumpet Plagues are coming on the world because of the breaking of covenants on the part of people who should have known better. When Amos warned covenant-breaking Israel to repent of their vile sins, they threw him out. There is no such thing as blanket salvation; membership in the CGG or any other organization does not provide a ticket to a place of safety. God owes no one anything except a death sentence for unrepented sins. The letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3 indicate that the Church at the end time is not in as good a condition as we might hope. All ten virgins fell asleep. We in God's Church are still not as awake as we should be. The oil the ten virgins had in their lamps is not transferrable; we must secure our own oil. We dare not be caught off guard, falling asleep at the switch like our Israelite forbears.



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