Sermonette: The Sixth Seal and Israel


Given 30-Sep-19; 19 minutes

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While many of the predicted events in the Olivet Prophecy have occurred for millennia, the intensity of these events will increase as the end approaches. Finally, in the events of the Sixth Seal, which are unlike any before them in history, God will provide mankind with an unmistakable warning of the final Trumpet Plagues, His judgment on sinners. During this terrifying epoch of time, the celestial lights will cease to function (Isaiah 13:13; Revelation 6:12), hardened sinners will beg the mountains to hide them, and God will shake heaven and earth mightily. In each depiction of the heavenly signs in Old Testament prophecies, the context shows God's involvement with physical Israelites, as He warns them, punishes them, and protects a repentant remnant. In Revelation, John's vision of the Sixth Seal is followed by his vision of 144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel (a remnant of 12,000 from each tribe, save Dan) being marked or sealed by an angel to protect them from harm during the day of God's wrath.