Sermon: The Unshakable Kingdom!


Given 26-Oct-19; 70 minutes

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We are going through a paradigm shift in which everything we considered stable (culture, borders, institutions) are crumbling before our eyes. The Bible is the most stable and practical treasure we currently have. God's Word tells us what cannot be shaken or taken from us. Physical kingdoms, like all physical things, are temporary, but the spiritual promises in the New Covenant are permanent. The physical temples with all their glory were transient, a mere flicker when compared to the coming spiritual temple and God's Kingdom. Knowing that all things physical are to be violently shaken, God commands His called-out ones to have courage, placing their trust in the future Kingdom of God which will displace all worldly human empires. Although God will eventually destroy the earth and all its contents, the coming Kingdom of God will last for eternity. God's called-out ones must choose and embrace the permanent spiritual treasures over deteriorating material treasures, claiming citizenship in a coming Heavenly Kingdom rather than in a corrupt, worldly system which will perish in flames.



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