Sermon: Discerning Truth and Applying Wisdom


Given 29-Feb-20; 72 minutes

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Discernment is a prerequisite to making wise choices. Dr. M. Scott Peck argues we can develop and exercise discernment by becoming sensitive to early warning systems, which trigger the reactions of revulsion and confusion when evil confronts us. In interpersonal relationships, a discerning person pays close attention to another's vocabulary, his tone of voice, pace of speaking, laughter and body language. Discerning individuals possess four qualities: 1.) Penetration—the ability to see beyond the superficial, (2.) Insight—profound depth of mental acuity, (3.) Discrimination—the ability to distinguish the false from the truth, and (4.) Perception—a sympathetic "gut" feeling. True spiritual discernment is a gift from God, enabling us to judge between good and evil, comparing things in life with God's Word to see whether they match up with His standards. Like human discernment, we need to exercise spiritual discernment daily until it becomes habitual. We as God's Called-out Ones need to cry out for discernment by exercising the mind of Christ.



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