Feast: Intensity is Increasing: Are You Listening?


Given 10-Oct-20; 71 minutes

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In Herbert Armstrong's last sermon, he explained that people must listen to the Bible as they read. Accurate listening depends on the focus of the mind. One of the key motifs developing during this Feast has been the necessity to take note of events in the world and to respond appropriately. It is far more important for God's called-out ones to be ready than to know the time of Christ's return, an event to which even He is not privy. The metaphorical birth pangs leading to tribulation and the Day of the Lord are going to increase in intensity and frequency. According to Alexander Tyler, most democracies have a shelf-life of approximately 200 years. The American republic, which is now 244 years-old, is demonstrating signs of collapse. The failure of churches to teach God's law and the decades-long love affair on the part of the government and education with Marxist socialism and Darwinian evolution are principle reasons for this collapse. God's called-out ones must prepare for an intense battle against Satan and his evil principalities by putting on the complete armor of God, undergoing the basic discipline as a soldier of Christ.



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