Sermon: Stewardship of God's Temple (Part Five)

Parallels Between Physical and Spirital Exercise

Given 27-Nov-21; 64 minutes

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Some have foolishly denigrated the value of physical exercise by taking Paul's admonition to Timothy totally and hopelessly out of context. The phrase "Bodily exercise profits little," in I Timothy 4:8 also rendered "a little while" refers to the temporal physical life (which lasts approximately 70 to 100 years), a mere speck of time when compared with eternal life. This message focuses upon the parallels or grounds of comparison between physical and spiritual exercise, cautioning that the degree of enthusiasm we devote to exercising our physical bodies will predict and determine how much we will devote to godly exercise. God Almighty has ordained that the physical lessons we learn from tending our physical bodies provide spiritual insights to exercising godliness , developing character and the very mind of Christ.



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