Sermonette: The God of Abraham, Isaac Jacob, and Moses

Yahweh and the Angel of the Lord

Given 10-Aug-19; 20 minutes

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Jesus Christ has a pattern of referring to Himself in both the first and third person. He is not referring to someone else (for instance, a third person of the trinity) when He refers to Comforter, Angel of God, Servant, or God of the Fathers. In other words, He uses these terms to describe Himself. The descriptors Yahweh and Almighty can refer to either God the Father or the Son of God. The context clarifies the referent of such terms as "the Lord" (that is, Yahweh) or "the Almighty." The identical actions of the Lord and the Angel (or Messenger) of the Lord show they are the same Being, and that the God known by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses was the pre-incarnate Christ. The multiple verses in the New Testament which proclaim that no one has seen God refers to the Father exclusively. The multiple names appropriated by Jesus function to illustrate His multiple roles, naming all that He does or is, including the Revelator of the Father.