Sermonette: Harmony with God and the Brethren


Given 20-Oct-19; 18 minutes

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God's called-out ones resemble members of a musical ensemble, each having unique pitches and timbre (that is, personalities). As we yield to our conductor Jesus Christ, we also blend with one another, listening intently to one another, with the purpose of creating harmony, glorifying Our Heavenly Father by supporting one another. God has called us to be united to one another through the power of the Holy Spirit. On the night of His final Passover, Jesus prayed that we would be at one with each other as He was at one with His Father. If we all obeyed God's law, there would be no stealing, murder, genocide, sexual perversion, etc. The new commandment Jesus gave is not new, but an extension of the harmony fostered through obedience of God's laws in both letter and spirit, loving one's enemies, overlooking their offenses. Now is the time we must be developing our relationship with Our Heavenly Father and our brothers and sisters in Christ, practicing daily as a prudent musician, until we are in sync with God Almighty's orchestra, being in harmony not only in this physical life, but in harmony in a universal celestial orchestra for eternity.