Sermonette: Then Comes the End


Given 20-Jun-20; 19 minutes

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Comparing the titles of Christ in the New Testament with those same titles in the Old shows that the Word, who was with God and through whom all things came into existence, was clearly God in the Old Testament, that is, Yahweh (a name He shares with the Father), and the God with whom the Patriarchs interacted. The Old and New Testaments identify Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last as well as the Beginning and the End, serving as both Redeemer and the redemption price for those who choose to be redeemed from death. He becomes the Owner of everything for which He died, having created a people who will obey Him because He has written His Law (and hence His character) on their hearts. Jesus Christ will reign until He has destroyed Satan, until everyone who has ever lived has chosen either life or death. After finally annihilating sin, and with it death, in the Lake of Fire, He will turn rulership back to His God and to our God, who will then be "all in all."