Sermonette: Providence


Given 24-Sep-21; 20 minutes

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Everything is subject to God's Providence. Nave's Topical Bible identifies five major categories of God's Providence: (1) In thwarting an evil purpose (Psalm 34:16), (2) In delivering from enemies, either national or personal, (3) In punishing rulers and nations. (4) In sending prosperity, either national or personal, and (5) In fulfilling prophecy. Matthew 10:29-30 teaches that providence extends to the most finite details such as the number of hairs on our heads. Divine Providence always includes a judgment, and will most often require action to implement that judgment. The terms Karma and Fate totally leave God out of the picture and fail to include the "reap what you sow" principle. Isaiah 45:5-7 reveals that God (not karma of fate) is the source for good and evil, totally in control of God's destiny. Even Satan is actually a tool in God's hand. From a human view the world looks chaotic, on the verge of collapsing. But for those trusting God, they can see the outline of a Master Builder, working toward a Divine Purpose. God places choices before mankind, including His elect, realizing that He is taking a risk that His clients could make the wrong choices and reap the painful consequences. God's people can choose to listen and learn from Him, or choose to work against His expressed will for them. Studying examples of God's hand both favoring and putting down, God's people must reach out to Him daily for His Divine Providence to be at work in their lives.