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Pagan Holidays

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A Lesson From History

Will We Learn That Lesson?

Commentary; #1028c; 11 minutes
Given 15-Jan-11

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John Ritenbaugh, citing Abraham Lincoln's intention, as well as the Preamble of the Constitution stating that the people should govern the United States, suggests that the original intent has been turned on its head, and unscrupulous elite has taken up the reigns of rulership. Every democracy that has ever existed, according to John Adams, "murders" itself. A democracy only works when the citizenry are moral and capable of governing themselves, neither of which the current citizenry possess. Consequently, our governing elite has expressed hatred for the constitution to the point that we are now in danger of becoming a tyrannical dictatorship. God is testing us to see if we will remain loyal to Him and His immutable law.


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