Honoring God the Father
Sermonette; Given 6/17/2017
Father's Day may have originated when the Roman Catholic Church set aside March 19 to honor fatherhood.
Fire Igniter or Fire Extinguisher
Sermonette; Given 5/27/2017
Bill Onisick, reflecting on the horrendous damage caused by forest fires in the Carolina mountains, draws some parallels to the spiritual forest fires currently raging …
I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Sermonette; Given 4/15/2017
Bill Onisick, acknowledging that God's called-out ones were designated followers of "the Way" long before they were called Christians (the latter term at …
To Pray or Not to Pray?
Sermonette; Given 3/11/2017
Many have over-reacted to Christ's instruction about the Pharisees praying in public to be seen by men. Jesus and the disciples often prayed in public.
Man's Greatest Creation?
Sermonette; Given 12/31/2016
The current focus on fusing human brains with computerized intelligence threatens to put applied science on a collision course with God's plan for mankind.
Daring to Be Vulnerable
Sermonette; Given 11/5/2016
Bill Onisick, alluding to some insights in Bruce Wilkinson's book Secrets of the Vine, namely that there are many barriers to producing agape love, contends that lack …
The True Vine of Agape
Sermonette; Given 10/17/2016
Bill Onisick, asserting that getting grape vines to bear fruit is difficult, suggests that the production of succulent grapes is at least a two-year project, in which …
A Root of Bitterness
Sermonette; Given 9/10/2016
Only by letting go of the poisonous root of bitterness can we become like our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father.
The Joyful Advantage
Sermonette; Given 7/23/2016
Bill Onisick, focusing on Shawn Achor's book, The Happiness Advantage, asserts that, because a brain with a positive attitude has higher levels of dopamine and …
Burying Our Talents?
Sermonette; Given 6/4/2016
God expects a return on the investment He has placed in us. Doing nothing with our abilities is a grievous abuse of this trust.
Our Daily Bread of Affliction
Sermonette; Given 4/29/2016
Bill Onisick, focusing on the concept of the bread of affliction in Deuteronomy 16:3, admonishes us that the unleavened bread we consume consists of purity without …
Ground Hog Day - Again?
Sermonette; Given 3/26/2016
Bill Onisick, reflecting on a theme in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, in which a weatherman (played by Bill Murray, who gets caught in a blizzard he failed to predict, …
The Overcoming Skill
Sermonette; Given 2/20/2016
With God's Spirit, we can develop the overcoming skill, using self-control to make firm commitments to our small, yet progressively significant choices.
Overcoming Satan's Competitive Spirit
Sermonette; Given 1/9/2016
The competitive spirit to dominate a competitor, not confined to athletic contests, militates against God's mandate that we esteem others over ourselves.
Life as a Shepherd
Sermonette; Given 12/12/2015
Bill Onisick asks us to imagine living the life of a shepherd 3,000 years ago in Bethlehem, tending the flocks from pen to pasture, and moving the flock continually to …
Human's Replacement
Sermonette; Given 10/24/2015
Bill Onisick describes the development of a robot having self-awareness, able to recombine knowledge, and generalize, providing an artificial intelligence which could …
The Last Jubilee
Sermonette; Given 10/5/2015
Bill Onisick, reminding us that we have experienced a taste of the Millennium, announces with the blast of the shofar that freedom and liberty will abound with the …
The Great Con
Sermonette; Given 9/19/2015
All individuals who have been duped into con schemes have the same perennial weakness: to be self-sufficient and to get something for nothing.
'Sons of God?'
Sermonette; Given 8/22/2015
God gave Jesus Christ to us to restore peace, reconciliation, and harmony with God. In the Beatitudes, the peacemakers are called 'sons of God.'
Our Mission Possible
Sermonette; Given 7/25/2015
Bill Onisick suggests that if we inculcate the mission statement found in Deuteronomy 6:1-5 (known as the Shema), we will have a high certainty of life and a huge …