Feast: Learn to Fear God

An Instrument of Construction or Destruction

Given 09-Oct-95; 73 minutes

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Without the fear of God, there is no wisdom. If we divorce God from knowledge, it will become an instrument of destruction. Fearing God is equated with obeying or complying with God's instructions, voluntarily measuring all our thoughts and behavior against His Law. We are in training to help Christ restore the earth, bringing it back from the brink of destruction. Israel will finally have been convinced that striving to attain knowledge apart from God leads only to destruction. The Feast of Tabernacles depicts a time when the earth will be systematically healed from all the abuse it has incurred under man's misrule, a time Jacob's trouble will come to an end, and the remnant of the house of Israel will finally embrace their God who will in turn embrace them, save them, and heal them in the fullest sense of the word. Our purpose then will be to divinely minister (teach God's ways) to God's people.



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