Sermon: We Must Believe!

Believing the Invisible

Given 21-Sep-96; 69 minutes

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In an environment in which we are continually lied to (in politics, popular media, marketing techniques, insurance adjustment, etc.) it is no wonder that our faith in anything is flagging. Nevertheless, we are asked to believe in a Being nobody has directly seen or heard, whose written word has been vilified and scorned. Without faith, we can't please God or receive the benefits from a relationship with Him. In the wake of the systematic destruction of sound doctrine by the leaders of our former affiliation, it has become imperative that we rebuild the foundation of our faith, rehearsing the proofs of God's existence and the proof of the promises in His Word, guarding our minds against factors that destroy faith. Hearing God's Word and boldly acting upon it, following the model of Abraham and our Elder Brother Jesus Christ, will strengthen our faith.



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