Sermon: Wonderful Women


Given 23-Nov-19; 67 minutes

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Feminists have made marriage a battlefield, requiring men to grovel at the feet of vastly superior Amazons. The scourge of strident women 'leaders' is a direct consequence of men not shouldering responsibilities. According to God's vision of the institution of marriage, when man and wife follow the rule of submission and sacrificial love, patriarchy becomes a blessing. But when militant feminism turns marriage into warfare, horrible consequences follow, including nagging, deceit, and faithlessness. The woman's role in marriage is in no way inferior to her husband's, both created in God's image, which incorporates male and female traits. The role of homemaker is every bit as demanding as that of a corporate executive. A highly capable woman, Mary, reared God's Son, teaching Him practical household tasks. The Proverbs 31 envisions a godly woman solving problems, delegating responsibilities, running the household, exercising forcefulness and strength, exuding mental energy, repairing things and keeping her family healthy, earning her the esteem of her husband and children. The diligent homemaker could be better qualified to govern ten cities than a successful corporate executive. Marriage is a God-plane relationship, with the complementary roles of submission to God's will and sacrificial love mirroring Christ's relationship to the Church (Ephesians 5:17-22). God designates the homemaker as equally high a calling as her husband.



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