Sermonette: The Reason for Unleavened Bread

Deliverance, Unleavened Bread, and Overcoming

Given 23-Apr-16; 18 minutes

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The Feast of Unleavened Bread signifies far more than the avoidance of leavened bread or putting out leaven. Our focus needs to be on God's management of the process. The Israelites did not come out of Egypt on their own power, but were delivered only by God's intervention. We have a part in the process to consume unleavened bread, symbolically living a life of sincerity and truth. As we were released from bondage, we attained a new master and a new lease on life. We have an obligation to feast on this unleavened bread throughout our entire life, ingesting the word and instruction of God, which constitutes our spiritual food. Unless we eat the Bread of Life continually, and unless God's Spirit resides in us, we will die. Unless we are metaphorically attached to the vine, we cannot bear fruit. The spiritual strength we receive is the result of eating the bread of life. Unless we have God's Spirit, we will never completely control our human spirit. God gives us the power to bear spiritual fruits such as patience and self-control.