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How Was it Accomplished So Easily? (Part Three)

Commentary; #1191c; 14 minutes
Given 28-Dec-13

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John Ritenbaugh, continuing his analysis about how the progressive secularists were so successful at cramming leftist collective policies down the throats of the American electorate draws some parallels to the success of the Nazi propaganda machine in the 1930's and 1940's.Former Hitler Jugend member Hilmar von Campe identifies three reasons the German populace was duped: (1) The constant lying of the Nazi leadership. (2)Too many citizens were for too accepting , preventing them from critically examining the propaganda. (3) The Nazi's gradually became increasingly harsh, intimidating the citizenry, making them afraid to react. This process is being used by our current President, a practiced and unabashed liar, along with his administration, composed of Soviet style czars, enamored with Marxist socialism. America's largest city just elected its first self-proclaimed socialist mayor. The American citizenry resembles the frog , boiling to death because the temperature has been raised in slow increments. What Krushchev proclaimed in the 50's—"we will bury you" is coming to pass on schedule. The leftist takeover was accomplished not by brute force, but through unctuous prevarications- words designed to appeal to people's thinking. Academia and media has aided this liberal administration through smooth, deceptive words aimed at a gullible electorate, disconnected with their history and traditions. In the statist's concept, the state-the government replaces God. As God's called out ones,we cannot afford to allow current statist propaganda to take our focus away from God.


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