Commentary: The Illegals' Cost

Why is the Administration Willing to Bear This?

Given 17-Jul-10; 12 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, continuing his commentary on illegal aliens, estimates that from 12-20 million people have placed an unbearable financial and social strain on the governments of Arizona, New Mexico, and California, fulfilling the prophecies of Deuteronomy 28:43. The Obama Administration, ignoring the danger and devastation that the illegals pose, chooses to fight American citizens in Arizona, hoping to solidify Democrat gains in 2012, jeopardizing the economic welfare and safety welfare of our country. Currently 29% of convicted felons (630,000 individuals) in American prisons are illegal aliens, costing the tax payer $1.6 billion dollars. Eighty-seven American hospitals have gone bankrupt as anchor babies threaten to corrupt the demographics of this nation.



This is the fifth time in a row I've given a commentary on these people, but believe me, they are very important to our future. Illegals are streaming across the border in such great numbers that a totally accurate count is all but impossible. The most common figure that one hears over the broadcast and written media is that twelve million are now resident in the United States, but that figure is strongly refuted by many. The twelve million figure is generally considered to be low—very conservative. Others say that it is currently around twenty million. Whichever is correct, everybody agrees that the financial costs to California, Arizona and New Mexico are quite great.

You might wonder why I've been paying so much attention to this one issue in today's news. Well, the first reason is because it is evidence of the fulfillment of the prophecy in Deuteronomy 28:44 that foretells that if we as a nation fail to keep God's commandments, "the stranger within us will become the head and we will become the tail."

The second reason is that it vividly portrays the administrative craziness of the George Bush and the Obama administrations. I recently read that no nation in modern history has permitted a neighboring nation to do what we are permitting the Mexicans to do.

Arizona recently passed the law that permits the state's law enforcement agencies somewhat broader authority to intervene in circumstances where they suspect the person may be an illegal, take them into custody, and deport the suspect back to Mexico. We all understand that the life of the average Mexican is nowhere near as blessed as the average American's. So, shouldn't we provide relief for these people on humanitarian grounds? Isn't that what Christian people should do?

You are also probably aware that the American federal government has sued the state of Arizona in an appeals court in order to revoke that state's law. However, very interesting is that they had not sued on humanitarian grounds. Rather, their grounds are that immigration control is a federal responsibility and the state cannot supersede the authority of the federal government. However—you may not know this—the Supreme Court already denied the federal government's claim in a similar state case in 1972. The fact remains that the federal authorities are doing almost nothing to stop the invasion.

One of the major reasons Arizona authorities enacted their law is that this invasion is destroying Arizona's economy. The second reason is that the felony arrest rate of the illegals is extremely high, and the two together are destroying the quality of life of Arizona citizens.

The Apostle Paul makes an interesting statement in I Timothy 5:8:

I Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

This statement establishes a priority regarding our concerns in such cases. The I Timothy 5:8, Christian priority is exceeded only by the priority established by Jesus in Luke 14, and that our loyalty and concern for God exceeds all other priorities, including that of one's own family. Concerning this foreign invasion, in the priority issue, Arizona is clearly on the stronger side, according to God.

Two recent emails give us a bird's eye view of what this invasion is costing us. Each source approaches the cost from a different perspective. The first source is from the FBI and the Homeland Security people. The second is from the Denver Rocky Mountain News, and it's author approaches the cost on a more local Denver Colorado level, but it, too, contains some dollar costs.

This first thing that I'm going to tell you, I believe, is really staggering. Remember, these are official federal government figures.

» Twenty-nine percent of all convicted felons across the United States already incarcerated in state and federal prisons are illegal aliens. That is a total of 630,000 of them, and that is costing us $1.6 billion annually.

» Eighty-three percent of all warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens. The figure is eighty-six percent in Albuquerque.

» Fifty-three percent of all investigated burglaries in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

» Seventy-one percent of all apprehended stolen cars in 2005 (that's the last year for which figures are available) in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and California were stolen by illegals.

» Sixty-two percent of all motorists stopped and cited for having all three of these offenses—no license, no insurance, and no registration for their automobile—in California, Arizona and New Mexico are illegal aliens.

Now, what is staggering—listen to this—is that all of this unlawful activity is being perpetrated by only six percent of America's population.

Here are a few more shocking figures that I also want you to know. Remember that I have documentation for all of these figures. They're not coming out of my head.

» $190 billion is spent each year now on illegal aliens for welfare and associated social services.

» $27 billion is spent each year now on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally.

» The food stamp assistance and school lunch programs alone cost $2.2 billion, and $7.5 billion is the cost of Medicaid for them.

Here is another staggering picture: In just one year—2005, the last year for which full figures are available—380,000 anchor babies were born to illegals. You know what an anchor baby is? That's the baby of illegal that is born in the United States, and it anchors the entire family in America.

The figure estimate for 2009 is 400,000. Ninety-seven percent of all costs associated with these births—that means for the entire family, not just the birth of the child; for the family, because it is now anchored in the United States for welfare, food staffs, education, doctor and hospital care—is paid by American citizens. Ninety seven percent.

Eighty six hospitals in the United States have gone bankrupt directly because of free hospital care given to illegals. The illegals have to pay nothing—zilch—because the EMOTLA Act pays everything. The cost for that is a staggering $109 billion.

The Feds are well aware of the huge costs because state administrations are complaining loud and long. But the Feds appear to be deaf. They aren't deaf. It leads to me to a conclusion: that the Feds have a two-fold agenda. (1) They are stealthily broadening their constituency among this minority, heading toward amnesty by 2012. Latinos are now the largest minority in the United States. They have over taken the blacks. (2) Their longer range goal is a North American Union: the U.S., Canada and Mexico folded into one nation, as Europe now is. It's a major step toward global government.