Commentary: Mightier Than The Sword (Part Seventeen)


Given 26-Sep-15; 10 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, continuing his exposition of the angry, demon-possessed, dark fellow from Trier, Karl Marx, a mad man responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people, asserts that legions of leftist, 'progressive' humanist academics of American and European universities have proclaimed Marx the most influential voice of the last millennium. These Marxist-adoring educators are responsible for spreading their socialist/communist venom into the government, the public schools, and the churches, mis-educating the hopelessly gullible populace of western civilization so thoroughly in covert Marxist doctrine that a military takeover would not be necessary. The Communist Manifesto, published in 1848 and referred to as the bible of Marxism, calls for the confiscation of all private property, making the populace the slaves of the state, a Satanic doctrine which is totally antithetical to God's Word, which awards a promised land with private property to every subject in both the Old and New Covenants.



Well, since it's still a weekly Sabbath, I decided I'm going to give you a commentary. Guess who it's going to be on? I will begin the same way I did last Sabbath: “Dark fellow from Trier in fury raging, his evil fist is clenched. He roars interminably, as though ten thousand devils had him by the hair.”

This was the personality description that was given by an acquaintance of the man—listen carefully now—deemed the single most influential person who lived in the past millennium. That was the conclusion of a BBC poll conducted a few years ago among academics. Had Marx been alive when the poll was conducted, it would have been conducted by his peers. Also appearing on that listing were the names of several of those men that I reported briefly on to you in earlier commentaries.

Why would these academics do such a thing in honoring this man whom one can justifiably accuse of being the motivator of the deaths of 100 million people? I'm not going to attempt to justify their reasoning other than to say, look at the record. The facts are inescapable. Karl Marx was the most influential thinker of the past millennium in the minds of Western world academics. The academics, the masses of the people, and their institutions, have followed Karl Marx line of reasoning as though he was the pied piper of Hamlin, and founded governments and entire ways of life based upon them. For the academics to have critiqued him by rejecting the influence of his writings, they would have had to begin by rejecting him by means of acknowledging that they have taken part in and actually supported the greatest miscalculation, the greatest governmental fraud, in the history of mankind.

Now, how did they do this? They are the very people who passed on Marx's teachings within the university systems, and from them it has then spread out into the public by means of the leadership the university systems provided. Those communist concepts have passed into governments, scholastic education (as a whole), into the workplaces of the common man, and yes, brethren, into religion as a strong working force within humanism. The academics who voted in the poll will never publicly admit that they supported this anti-God fraud until they see it crashing around their ears at Christ's return.

The religion of the vast majority of those in that accepting camp is humanism. And there is no doubt he was a great thinker in terms of his influence. If one judges only on the basis of his influence, however, he most certainly was not a great thinker in terms of the purity of his thinking. The academics in that camp do not even think of humanism as being a religion. However, it is, because religion is defined as a way of life, and they have allowed the state to become their god. In the process, they have rejected the Word of God.

Let me show you in just one area how far apart Communism is from the word of God. The Communist Manifesto is the founding document of Communism. It was published in 1848. It is the Bible of Communism, and in it the basic foundational planks of Communism are given.

Section one contains introductory statements laying the groundwork for what follows. Listen carefully. The very first statement in section two, titled, "Plank One," is the abolition of property and application of all rents of land to public purposes. You know what that means? No private individual is allowed to own land, property, real estate. This first plank reveals how far Communism is from God. Communism will allow no privately held land.

Do you understand even a small part of the impact of this? When Israel was in Egypt, they literally owned nothing, most especially land. This is a major keystone of controlling the public. This defines about as clearly as anything what constitutes slavery. A slave has nothing. He is totally dependent upon others. Do you understand what owning land means to a person? It means this person is somebody. It gives him a feeling that he has something that he needs to defend, even from his own government. It sets him up to be independent because he can earn money necessary for life. It gives him the wherewithal to have a family.

So, what did God offer the Israelites to gain their cooperation and a sense of well being while they were still even in Egypt? It was the Promised Land, in which all those related people could prosper as an independent nation. And then, over and above that, each and every family would have their own land.

In Communism, you cannot even inherit land from your ancestors. Inheritance is not permitted under any circumstance. And incidentally, the government in the United States is trying to get rid of inheritance through taxation. Communism is slavery right from the very first plank of its requirements—right from the beginning, they guarantee their citizens are going to be enslaved. It's no different in purpose than in Egypt, in which everybody owed their life to Pharoah. What is gently called Socialism in the Western world is the first step into Communism.

Listen carefully again. In the 1930s, the communist central authorities determined they would not attempt to defeat the Western world by inciting violent revolution. Rather, they would buy their time and do it through miseducation, especially subverting us morally and ethically and destroying our trust in our history and institutions. The first steps are well underway. We see it especially in the destruction of the effectiveness of the churches, the rise of feminism, which is destroying family life, the destruction of marriage, and the institution of a social system within the nation has created an overwhelming dependence upon the state for support by about one half of the population of the United States. We're being bled dry.

We are within an eyelash of this being accomplished, and we are living in the final years of the Western civilizations.