Commentary: In the Wake of an Unnatural Disaster (Part Seven)


Given 27-Feb-16; 12 minutes

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Although the American Constitution was based on the necessity of retaining a knowledge of God and His Laws, America has been in a moral freefall from the time it had become involved in the World War I. Of the things God says He hates in Proverbs 6:16, including pride and hands that shed innocent blood, nothing seems to be more disgusting than the American abortion industry, which has murdered far more innocent lives than did Hitler and Stalin—combined. Carolyn Payne, an Ob/Gyn abortion specialist, a self-professed Christian, proudly claims that 'Christianity' prepared her to murder babies on behalf of women's 'rights.' She thanks her parental upbringing for enabling her, from the time of her teen-aged years apparently, to use birth control, ostensibly to be able to fornicate as freely as men do and not suffer any stigmatizing consequences, thereby accommodating sex while ignoring morality. Perhaps millions of other young adults, along with Carolyn, have been conditioned by their 'Christian' families to become promiscuous and self-indulgent, the antithesis of the godly woman in Proverbs 31.



I'm continuing in this series of commentaries, giving examples of how very far we in America have deteriorated in our knowledge and understanding of the morality God reveals, in His Word, to be the guide for mankind. It is these standards that we were expected to live up to when this nation's constitution was ratified 229 years ago. Christianity was the dominant religion then, even though it was not—and never was—proclaimed as America's national religion. That choice was left up to the individual. However, most people chose that means of worship and pretty much adhere to its tenants.

About 100 years ago, America was involved in a world war, and at the same time, it was at the very beginning of a radical political change as well. It was not far advanced then, but the seeds had been planted. That political change, along with a decided shift in the educational emphasis—especially on the university level—impacted badly on the Christian faith the people of this nation relied on in its social behavior from its beginning. Belief in, and practice of, the tenants of the Christian religion declined slowly at first, but as the decades continued on and on, the decline speeded considerably. At this time, it appears to be in a free fall.

This commentary is, at this time, prepared to be a two part piece.

Proverbs 6:16-17 These six things the LORD hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood,

Is there anyone more innocent than one who is alive in the womb? Blood is already coursing through its veins. It's receiving nourishment from the mother to continue its growth towards the next stage of development, but it is deliberately killed before it has the opportunity to perform outside the womb.

Isaiah 1:15 adds in God's accusations against the nation of Judah during Isaiah's ministry to them,

Isaiah 1:15 When you spread out your hands, I will hide My eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not hear. Your hands are full of blood.

He is warning us that a penalty has to be paid.

This portion of this commentary is drawn partially from the Freedom Outpost website. It was done so in the last three weeks. It does not involve a famous person but an ordinary American citizen who claims to be a Christian but has allowed herself to believe Satan's propaganda regarding the murder of innocents.

It is interesting that the first thing God insists that he hates in Proverbs 6:16 is pride. The first thing this person does in her blog is she expressed her pride in performing abortions. This person is one Carolyn Payne. She claims in her article that she was raised in a Christian home. Carolyn Payne is an Ob-Gyn doctor. However, her life's choices brought her into the abortion industry.

Here is a quote from her article regarding her Christian belief:

My Midwest Christian upbringing is largely responsible for my belief that providing abortion services is one of the most meaningful ways I can contribute to make the world a more fair and equal place for women.

We're beginning get to get the drift of how far this woman is from Christianity, but she considers her opinion firmly Christian.

I want you to notice right off that she has, as a self-proclaimed Christian, fallen so deeply for the feminist, Satanic propaganda that she pushed aside the reality of the murder of innocents as being something that God overlooks as being an act of mercy for the well-being of the adult mother.

Her first justification is that Christianity spiritually prepared her to commit murder multiple times without apparently giving it a second thought because she looked only at the benefit it brought to an adult woman so the woman could seek her goal and rise in the social and business scene of America. To Carolyn Payne, the murder was "progress" for the mother. How do you justify that?

Notice carefully another justification as I read this next quote from her article:

I never experienced unplanned pregnancy because I was fortunate enough to have parents who understood the normalcy of teenage sexuality, and this provided me and education and opportunities to prevent undesired pregnancy and disease. I could have sex just like a man could and go on with my life with minimal fear of life-changing consequences.

Recall again that she claimed that she was reared in a "Christian" home. Let's say this was 20 or 30 years ago. That's how bad it was then in "Christian" homes. How bad is it now? How can that possibly be true when her parents willingly assisted in guiding her to have what this world sees as "safe sex," sex that allowed her liberty to fornicate with every male she chose without having to be concerned about getting pregnant. Have you ever seen anywhere in the Bible that states from God's mind or lips that fornication is permissible as long as you are protected and do not get pregnant?

You can already see that her concept of what Christianity is from a biblical standard is so far from the biblical reality. This is, in fact, typical of this world and not heavenly even one wit. She was conditioned by her family upbringing and the world to be promiscuous. If her parents had been truly raising her in a Christian way, they would have taught her to flee fornication as I Corinthians 6:18 charges us to do. Instead what they taught her while she was still in their home was that is Okay to give in to temptation and forget all about self control and righteousness. She was not taught to rely upon God, trust Him, and save herself for the husband God supplied, because "your body, daughter, belongs to him."

Here is another quote from that article:

I realize this is a privilege in our society, and that is unjust. All women who desire contraception should have it. It is necessary for the woman to be able to achieve her goals. Not because women are sluts, but because women are humans and humans do have sex.

So we accommodate sex and not what is pure and righteous.

Well, she just made another outrageous, unbiblical statement that "women need contraception to achieve their goals and not because they are sluts." Now, my first comment regarding this is a question: Why does the term "sluts" even appear here? It was not part of the article at all. Is she suggesting that women give their bodies in order to climb the corporate ladder to success in the business world? Yes, she was. But the mystery to me is what goals does she have in mind?

It seems to me that the lady referenced in Proverbs 31 is greatly admired and quite successful, and there is not even the slightest suggestion from God about sex or preventing pregnancy in any part of the Proverbs 31 woman's success.

That is the end of part one. There is more to come on. This that was quite an article from a "Christian."