Sermon: Hebrews (Part Twelve): Chapter 2, A Mind-Bending Purpose (Part One)


Given 18-Jan-20; 65 minutes

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More people have left God's fellowship by drifting away than from all other causes combined. To counteract complacency, the most exhortative book in all Scripture, the book of Hebrews, warns of the dire consequences of neglecting God's invitation of salvation—which He does not guarantee until sanctification has run its course. Paul felt compelled to convince Jewish converts about the superiority of Jesus Christ over angels. Psalm 8 indicates that the entirety of mankind has the opportunity of rulership following a period of sanctification, made possible by using spiritual gifts and accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins. We must "carry the ball," focusing on the gifts God has given us, refusing to yield to the world's powers pulling against us. God, Who intimately knew our weaknesses when He called us, will not accept our laziness or timidity in the sanctifying process. God has ordained that we glorify Him by remaining attached to the Vine (representative of Jesus Christ), Who has already qualified as Our Savior and High Priest. We, as God's children, must share His high standards regarding salvation (e.g., loving righteousness and hating iniquity). We must mortify our fleshly desires and walk in the spirit, realizing that we have not attained salvation until we complete the sanctifying process.



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