Sermon: Hebrews (Part Fifteen): Chapter 2, A Mind Bending Purpose (Part Four)


Given 22-Aug-20; 61 minutes

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There are pitfalls threatening the salvation of God's called-out ones, including: 1.) either one makes continuous efforts to bear spiritual fruit or he forfeits his part in God's Kingdom; 2.) one must be thankful that Jesus Christ cares continuously; 3.) one must be aware that the tenor of the times make witnessing (as well as remaining hidden) ever more difficult; 4.) God's calling of each of His people is just as much a part of His plan as His calling of Abraham or the sacrifice of Christ; and 5.) Even though God's people must cooperate in cultivating spiritual fruit, God alone creates character and takes responsibility for creating spiritual offspring. Just as Adam and Eve did nothing to create themselves, God's called-out ones do not create spiritual character—for in their current state they see through a glass darkly. God's people must develop an admiration of and an appreciation for the One Who shows them the Way. As culture becomes more toxic and unhinged, those who attempt to behave righteously will be increasingly subject to ridicule, harassment and persecution. God inspired the Book of Hebrews for a time such as the children of light are enduring now. The church is His ecclesia, an assembly or congregation (Acts 7:38), a body of believers under the leadership of Jesus Christ.



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