Sermon: Hebrews (Part Fourteen): Chapter 2, A Mind Bending Purpose (Part Three)


Given 27-Jun-20; 68 minutes

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Without a meaningful relationship with Christ, God's people cannot possibly bear fruit. Though Jesus Christ invites His flock to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, pulling out weeds (daily mortifying our flesh), He knows that they themselves are unable to create Godly character. The responsibility of God's people is to yield to God's creative efforts for their lives. Throughout His people's sanctifying process, Jesus never abandons them, even though too many have sorely grieved the Holy Spirit by their turning away from God's precepts, therefore failing to imitate Christ. The Father and Son are vitally concerned for Their people because their lives are on the line—having been given God's truth. The "marching orders" of God's people are the same as those the Father Himself issued to the three disciples at the Transfiguration: "Hear the Son." The individual following those orders becomes God's offspring. As Adam and Eve played no active role in their physical creation, so God's called-out do not create spiritual character. But, they do have a God-ordained obligation to yield to His continuing efforts to mold them into His image, realizing that everything in life matters towards their objective of developing a growing and deepening relationship with God and His Son.



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