Sermon: Hebrews (Part Six): God's Salvation Communication


Given 20-Jul-19; 75 minutes

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God personally communicated with Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, the prophets, and to us through His Son. At Christ's Transfiguration, the Father commanded Peter, John and James (and, through them, us) to listen to Christ. Christ is now our High Priest, seated at the right hand of the Father, actively working on behalf of God's Called-out ones. At no time did Christ ever stop being God. While God's people do not have Christ physically before them as did the Twelve, they do have His written Word, faithfully transmitted by those same disciples. With these Scriptures, God teaches His faithful today, just as He did the Twelve, through regular sit-down sessions (as at Sabbath services) and life's experiences. Following in the steps of the disciples, we must learn that the key to spiritual growth is self-sacrifice, exercising the gift of faith. Christ's purging of our sins accomplished something that animal sacrifices could never do. His 3½ year ministry closed one age and simultaneously opened another. Jesus Christ is not only a witness to God's message—He is the Message, the Word of God, the Revelator of the Father, and Our merciful High Priest.



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