Is France Ditching the EU?

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

The EU has reached a tipping point, where a Franco-German veto could be overridden by the other nations. Will this turn of events sour France on the EU?

Franco-German Divergence

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

World news, events, and trends highlighting biblical prophecy for March-April 2005: Franco-German Divergence.

Once Again, Britain Dominates Europe

'WorldWatch' by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Great Britain has a history of playing the balance-of-power game to keep any Continental state or empire from becoming strong enough to threaten Britain.

A Strengthening Germany

'WorldWatch' by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Despite Germany's amicable relationships with its neighbors for two generations, signs of Berlin's growing influence are causing anxiety across Europe.

NATO: In Search of a Mission

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

Having failed to keep the Russians out and the Germans down, NATO is struggling to remain relevant in a changing world.

The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of Europe

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

What are the ramifications of an EU with the power and authority to act as a cohesive whole? Will the members choose to act in a united fashion?

The Beast and Babylon (Part One)

'Personal' from John W. Ritenbaugh

Europe is not uniting as we once thought it would. How does this affect our interpretation of the prophecies?

The State of the Union

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

It only takes one nation to reject a European Union treaty, even one as significant as the Lisbon Treaty. How likely is a federal Europe now?

Population Trends in Asia (Part Two): The Graying of Asia

CGG Weekly by Charles Whitaker (1944-2021)

Only a catastrophe of biblical proportions could forestall the tendency for Asia's populations to age substantially between now and 2025.

Yet Another Call for a European Army

Commentary by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

If the Church of God's previous prophetic speculations about a military might emerging from the European Union (assuming the Beast rises out of Europe) are to happen, obstacles need to be surmounted. Except for Emmanuel Macron's call for a European army (perhaps prompted by French pride), none of the other members of EU want to …

Blessings We Could Have Had

Sermon by Kim Myers

Despite Abraham's loyalty to God's covenant, Abraham's offspring have violated this covenant, thanklessly squandering the blessings and reaping curses.

The Money Has Failed! (Part Two)

Commentary by Martin G. Collins

Martin Collins, describing the nefarious plan of the world's banking institutions to pull nations into a cashless society, suggests that these institutions have accomplished their goals incrementally, by eliminating larger banknotes, as well as restricting how much cash can be used on a single purchase, or limiting the amount of …

Fiddling While Europe Burns

'WorldWatch' by David C. Grabbe

The recent riots in the Paris suburbs draw attention to a Europe-wide problem: Two very different cultures are battling for supremacy.

Searching for Israel (Part Ten): Clues and Answers

Article by Charles Whitaker

The Bible declares where scattered Israel is not, as well as giving clues where the various tribes have settled on the modern map of the world.

Which Nations Comprise the Tribes of Israel Today?

Bible Questions & Answers

Putting together biblical and secular history as well as prophecy, we can be reasonably certain as to the locations of the tribes of Israel today.

The Certainty of God's Promises

Feast of Tabernacles Sermon by Kim Myers

If we measure God's promises by our own behavior, it would be discouraging and disappointing. But God can be absolutely trusted to keep all of His promises.

Has America Gone Crazy? (Part One)

Commentary by John W. Ritenbaugh

America today resembles pre-revolution France. Like other mass movements, America's civil war drums are beaten by leaders in government, religion, and education.

Reuben Sandwiched?

'Prophecy Watch' by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

France narrowly ratified the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. This narrow vote typifies the biblical impression of the tribe of Reuben as an ambivalent people.