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Hebrews (Part Four): Who Was Jesus?

Sermon; #1488; 65 minutes
Given 18-May-19

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In the first chapter of his gospel, the Apostle John assures us that Jesus was not just an extraordinary man exhibiting power and humility without flaw, but also possessed the massive intellect needed to create, design and implementing all manner of life. Through our calling and the receiving the Holy Spirit, God has adopted us into His family. We have the solemn responsibility of participating in our purification. If we are ever to see our Heavenly Father, we must yield to the Son—the co-eternal Word who became flesh in order to reveal the Father to us and to gift us with His Holy Spirit, thereby enabling us to incrementally develop Godly family characteristics. In His 3 ½-year ministry Jesus demonstrated to the Disciples that He was both God and man. Jesus taught His Disciples so they could write the New Testament. In Hebrews 1, the writer of Hebrews assures us that Christ was (1.) the only begotten Son, (2.) the Heir of all things, (3.) the Creator of all things, (3.) the Builder of the house, (4.) the Brightness of God's glory (John 10:30), (5.) the express image of the Father, (6.) the One Whose sacrifice was responsible for purging us from our sins, something no Old Covenant sacrifice could do (Hebrews 10.4), and (7.) is now seated at the right hand of God the Father, closely implementing His Father's plan of salvation.


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